Mr. Palm Springs Leather CONTEST


Brian Dawson

Brian is an icon in the BDSM Community his 30+ plus years have garnered him titles such as International Mr. Drummer (1989), The Los Angeles

Leather Coalition’s 2006 “Mentor of the Year”, “The Leatherman’s Heart Award” (2007) and the "EMCEES Award” (2007).

Karen Ultra

The only thing Karen Ultra hasn’t done during a leather event is deliver triplets while performing all six roles in the “Cell Block Tango” on stilts. Her skills on a stage have been seen at IML, ABW, Colorado Leather Fest, Iowa Leather Weekend, Mr. Indiana leather, Mr. Houston Leather, and several others she refuses to mention anymore.


Ralph Bruneau

Ralph Bruneau is International Mr. Leather 2017 and has judged the contest twice, most recently in 2022. Dr. Bruneau has a PhD in Clinical Psychology and is a LMFT in Los Angeles working both within and outside the kink and fetish communities.

As IML, he traveled over 118,000 miles as an ambassador to the leather community around the world, participating in 43 weekends of events out of 52 in his title year.

Joe Gallagher

Joe Gallagher is from Philadelphia.  He lived in New York from 1987 to 1998. He had the honor of representing New York City as Mr. Leather New York, and then winning International Mister Leather in 1996, an Associate of the Chicago Hellfire Club and Board Member of Gay Male Activists 1996-1998.


Jeff Tucker

Int'l Mr. Leather 1994

Jeff is the current “Den Daddy” (Contestant Coordinator) for International Mr. Leather and was himself IML in 1994 competing as Mr. San Jose Leather 1993. Co-founder of the Santa Clara County Leather Association, The Brotherhood San Jose (a gay men’s BDSM education and play group). He created BDSM Tastings, an educational  workshop series for beginners and mentoring advanced players on various kink practices. He and his partners founded In Gear, a gay men’s education and play group in Northern New Jersey.

Andy Cross

Mr. IML 2013

Mr. San Francisco Leather 2013
Mr. Powerhouse Leather 2012 International

"Mr. Leather 2013 was the greatest experience of my life. It’s extremely gratifying and humbling being chosen out a group of people that you respect so much."


Lenny Broberg

Mr. IML 2013

Marc Bellenger

As Mr. Long Beach Leather in 2013, the focus of my title year was promoting issues facing the homeless community, supporting the erotic arts, PrEP awareness, and raising awareness of mental illness in the community. Currently, I am the Curator at the Tom of Finland Foundation promoting, protecting and preserving the erotic arts. Former Mr. Leather in Pride 1993 Mr. Fort Lauderdale Eagle 1994.


Den Daddy

Mike is a PSLOD associate, C.O.M.M.A.N.D. MC Lifetime member, BLUF member, and Cumalot Brothers charter member. He has helped put on leather contests, dungeon parties, countless fund raisers, and has been Den Daddy for Mr. Maryland Leather Contest and International Leather Bear Contest.