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CCBC Resort & Hotel, is the largest full-service, clothing optional, gay men's resort in the country. Located just a few minutes from Downtown Palm Springs, this 3.5 acre fantasy playground is perfect for weekend getaways, extended stays, or day pass visits.

  • Sparkling Pool

  • 2 Hot Tubs - Steam Room

  • Waterfall - Cool Dipping Pool

  • The Nature Walk

  • Pig Pit

  • Dungeon w/Videos

  • The Video Room

  • Locker Room w/Videos

  • 41 Rooms & 3 Suites

Did you know CCBC Resort and Hotel has well stocked bars on the premises? Not to mention, they have a fully staffed restaurant on their premises, RUNWAY. Party on, rest assured, you'll never be far from the excellence of an ice cold drink to keep you cool or some delicious grub to keep you in the groove.

Don't you wait too long, though, book your stay with CCBC TODAY! Rooms are bound to be booked solid for the day of the event, as well as the days leading up to and the days after the event. Trust!

Come dance the day away, and if you stay, party the night away with other like minded men of all flavors and sizes, many with leather kinks and others with many others.

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  • CCBC Resort on Instagram

Question: "Can I expedite my pool party access, by not having to wait in a crowded line to register with the venue the day of the event?" ~ partyboY2K

Answer: The venue, CCBC Resort and Hotel, has made it easy to register online before the event. Scan, click or tap the QR Code below to register today. You'll thank us later.

Pre-register for PLUNGE 2023



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