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Welcome to  Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert's interactive presentation for PS Leather Pride 2023

To run the feature animation, pick (click/tap) the leather pride rainbow icon with a pulsating heart located at the top left hand corner of any page on our website. To close the presentation simply pick the same leather pride rainbow icon.

The PSLP 2023 interactive animation shows best with music, as it is highly suggestive.

This presentation works as intended on higher-end desktop/laptop computers.
Known bugs /issues:

  1. iOS (iPhone, iPad) is known to have intermittent HTML5 audio playback issues. Sometimes closing your web browser (Safari, Chrome, Opera) and starting with a new browser tab/window can help alleviate some of these audio playback issues.

  2. Mac (Safari) also has some of the same HTML5 audio playback issues that iOS exhibits. However, if you use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser, everything works as intended on Mac.

  3. Some display issues are possible on smaller sized screens, say mobile phones and other small devices. We will work through those issues, in attempting to make this presentation as cross-platform capable as possible. 

If you notice any bugs or issues, please feel free to contact with a description of the issue and, if possible, a screenshot of the issue. 

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