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André Chambers is a PSLOD associate member and has been active in the Palm Springs and Los Angeles leather communities for more than 30 years. He was Eagle LA Mr. Leather 2012 and has mentored/coached many leather title holders. Professionally, he is a registered nurse and is active in advocacy initiatives for racial, gender and sexual diversity. A documentary short about his life premiered at the New York Tribeca Film Festival in June 2023 and Los Angeles Outfest in July 2023. A prolific social media influencer as Papa_Bear_RN, André posts about everything from positive affirmations and men’s health advice to LGBTQ+ community events.


All contestants will receive a registration package to include a disclosure and release form. This is the basic contestant information, explaining who you are. This will be used by the Leather Pride Chairman and the Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2024 Judges, allowing us to get a sense of who you are.


There is no registration fee. This contest is free to enter for all leather enthusiasts, as well as those who want to become part of the of lifestyle and be part of our brotherhood.  The Mr. PS Leather Contest is a secondary level contest fed by contest winners and designees presented by local area affiliated businesses. The winner of the title of Mr. PS Leather will go on to compete internationally, at IML.


Schedule and Guidelines for contestants are as follows:


On Thursday Oct 24, check in and ticketing will begin at Hotel Zoso in the afternoon.  There you will pick up your registration package and wristband for the weekend’s events.  That evening, you will be expected to attend the Contestant Meet and Greet at Hotel Zoso at 6:00pm where you will be introduced to the judges.  Later that evening you will be introduced to the community at Hunters during the Opening Night Party and draw your contest order numbers.  This number order is how you will be presented going forward through the contest process.  For this event you should wear a bar look that best represents you as this will be our first impression of you.


Friday, Oct 25, you will meet at the Hotel Zoso at 11:00am (lite lunch provided) for your personal interviews with the judges.  There, you will have a Q & A and the first part of judging occurs.  For this judging, attire should be a bar look you feel comfortable and at ease wearing.  Contestants will be limited to 15-minute question/answer sessions, and 100 possible points will be awarded for overall presence, answers and attitude.


Friday Evening, Oct 25: The Formal Dinner & Auction will take place at Hotel Zoso, at 6:00-9:00pm, you are asked to attend as you will be introduced at the event.  A formal attire look is encouraged.  Immediately following is Dark Alley at ToolShed, at this event you should plan to attend although there will not be any staged announcements or introductions.  This will be your opportunity to speak further with the judges, etc., in a more social setting.  Attire style is optional.


On Saturday, October 26, arrive at the Hotel Zoso by noon, a brief rehearsal of the contest. You will be released as soon as possible.  Feel free to bring your gear and looks for the contest to the staging room and organize yourself with your Den Daddy.  Den Daddy and PSLOD Club Mentors will be on hand for any questions you may have or last minute tweaks.


The Mr. Palm Springs Leather contestants are expected to return to the Hotel Zoso by 5:30pm on Saturday, October 26, to the contestant room for the contest.


There will be 3 appearances on stage, each look should not take more than 10 minutes to change into.

  1. Formal Leather attire. 2. Jock wear 3. Personal choice / Cruising wear. (Winner Attire)


You will be judged in the following Categories:  


First appearance Judging will be done in Formal Wear.  This can be anything from uniforms, Sam Brownes, hats etc. Dress to impress. You will give your 90 second speech. Anything over 90 sec points will be deducted. You will remain in this attire for the announcement of Mr. Palm Springs.  This is your opportunity to share your platform, in other words, why you are in the contest and what you intend to do with your title.  


Second appearances will be Jock / Erotic Wear. Your fantasy video and/or voiceover will be presented during your stage appearance. Once on stage, you will be asked a humorous question. This is your chance to show the audience your “assets'' as well as demonstrate your level of comfort in your own skin.  50 points possible for jock strap presentation and for stage presence.


Third appearances will be Personal Choice.  Personal choice or Cruising wear is  anything that you deem presents you in the best light as Mr. Palm Springs Leather.  Something that makes you look and feel good. Something you would wear to a bar for a night out on the town. Remember to be comfortable and enjoy what you are wearing. You will be asked various questions including why you would like to be Mr. Palm Springs Leather, this is your chance to make a good impression and showcase your charisma. You will remain in this attire for the announcement of Mr. Palm Springs. 


A total of 300 possible points (includes Q & A Interview points) per contestant can be awarded.


If chosen as Mr. Palm Springs Leather, you are expected to make immediate public appearances, host the Victory Party Saturday night immediately following the contest.  (ALL CONTESTANTS ARE ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND ALL OF THE FOLLOWING AND SUPPORT THE TITLE HOLDER):


Host the PSLOD Pancake Breakfast at Dick’s (early Sunday, 10/27- afternoon) then also appear at Barrack’s Beer Bust (PS Leather Pride’s Closing Event) later Sunday, 10/27 afternoon.


Additional duties included as Mr. Palm Springs Leather:


Attend IML, in Chicago, IL, as PSLOD sponsored Mr. Palm Springs Leather.


Additionally you will be asked to assist with fundraising efforts with your sponsor PSLOD, and act as a general goodwill ambassador for our community during their one-year reign.



The contestant supplies a copy of state or federal identification with a photo. High resolution images should be a minimum of 300 dpi (.jpg or .png format preferred). There should be a head shot, full length. At least two photos are requested, a contestant can submit up to five (5) photos of their choice.

All sponsor information, if applicable will be used in connection with the contestants on our website and throughout the full calendar year of Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert, PSLOD.

A high-resolution logo image (.jpg, .png format) is required for each sponsor.


For all information and/or application to compete, please email to:

Charlie Banfield

PS Leather PrideTM 2024 Chair



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